Group Study

The Space Between Notes

Opening Reception: May 10th 5–7pm

The show will run through June 10th

LightSource is pleased to present: The Space Between Notes.

The Space Between Notes showcases three bodies of work in various states of becoming. The artists, Emily Barresi (Sundog), David Elliott (Raised by a Cottonwood Tree), and Evan Davis (Where Rivers End), aim to create new meanings and connections through the mixing of their work in this exhibition. The title alludes to the Claude Debussy quote, “Music is the space between notes.” Through this collaboration, the artists ask: what new things can be said?

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Sofie Ramos


Opening Reception: March 29th 5–7pm

The show will run through May 3rd

Our inaugural resident is Sofie Ramos

Sofie Ramos is an installation artist based in San Francisco. Pulling from a dynamic hoard of everyday found objects and materials painted in vibrant exaggerated hues, her site-specific work responds and adapts to, fuses with, and adulterates its surroundings. Ramos was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, received her BA in Visual Art from Brown University and her MFA in Art Practice from University of California, Berkeley.

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Taylor Kay Johnson

Opening Reception: February 21st 5–7pm

The show will run through March 21st.

JIMON. “When I’m on the court, I just feel free.” Thirteen year old Jimon Campbell plays for the Oakland Soldiers and attends Bret Harte Middle School in Oakland, California. He says he was introduced to basketball by his father, and ever since he has fallen in love with the game.

The photographs of Jimon tell a story of what it means to love oneself. Teenagers have the ability to remain open to ideas and exploration, maintain dedication to a dream, and find joy in their passions more easily than adults. Jimon’s dreams are an expression of what true happiness and potential can create.

Taylor Kay Johnson is a photographer living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her work has recently been exhibited at the Aperture Foundation gallery in New York, presented by The California Sunday Magazine’s first all photography issue and exhibition, “At Home: In The American West.” Her first book,Kings, published by D3i Press in 2018, follows the lives of teenage boxers in Oakland, California.


Preston Gannaway

LightSource SF is pleased to present a show of works by artist Preston GannawayBetween the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

The show opening reception will be September 13th from 5-8PM. The exhibition is part of  the Bay Area Month of Photography and will run through September 30th. BAYMOP is a celebration of the art and craft of photography. Participating museums, galleries and cultural institutions will be producing exhibitions, showing top-tier photographers throughout a number of locations in the Bay Area.

‘Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea’ is a documentary project on the changing character of a working-class seaside community located along the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. The work explores residents’ relationship to the natural environment and an American neighborhood that has become a collision of class.

“Wildness is a necessity.” –John Muir 

Dionne Lee

A solo exhibition by Dionne Lee. Opening June 8th from 6–8pm at Studio 2WThe Break Before the Swell presents a series of works by Oakland-based artist, Dionne Lee. With the works in this exhibition, Lee performs gestures of claim over her position within the American landscape. She is interested in the ways that our individual and collective cultural histories influence our contemporary relationship with and access to land, landscape, and power in the United States. While Lee’s work is inspired in part by the time she spends in wilderness areas and nature preserves around the Bay Area, her work is also informed by her ongoing research into the history of black bodies on American soil, posing questions around who willfully engages, thrives, and feels safe in the American landscape.

With the works in The Break Before the Swell, Lee explores histories of exclusion, inclusion, empowerment, and disempowerment that are embedded in representations of the American landscape.